Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
California Room (Hilton San Francisco)
#80 - Manipulation of Nanophases by External Fields (TF017)
The objective of this session will be to bring together researchers who are involved in experimental and theoretical investigations where electric,magnetic, and flow fields are used to manipulate the morphology, shape and ordering/patterning of nanophases in various continuous phases (liquids solids and gases) and on substrates.
Chair:Michael T. Harris
CoChair:Carlos Rinaldi
12:30 PMSurfactant-Coated Nanoparticle on a Stepped Surface
Jee-Ching Wang, Xijing Bi
12:50 PMObservation of the Nucleation and Growth of Cds Nanocrystals in a Two-Phase System
Daocheng Pan, Yunfeng Lu, Xiangling Ji
1:10 PMSimulation of the Hydrodynamically-Assisted Self-Assembly of DNA-Functionalized Colloidal Particles in 2d
Brooks D. Rabideau, Roger T. Bonnecaze
1:35 PMControlled Deposition of Nanoparticles on a Solid Substrate: Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Fluid Flow Both in the Absence and Presence of External Electric Field
Ervina Widjaja, Jessica T. Sloan, Michael T. Harris
1:55 PMRecent Advances in Nanoscale Thermal Lithography Using Heated Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays
Yueming Hua, Shubham Saxena, William P. King, Clifford L. Henderson
2:20 PMThe Role of Magnetic and Electric Fields in Membrane-Based Separation of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions
Sohail Murad, Mukund Krishnamurthy
2:40 PMPreparation of Calcium Alginate Microbeads by Electrodispersion for Protein Drug Controlled Release
Yinyan Zhao, You-Yeon Won, Michael T. Harris

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