Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#526 - Advances in Aqueous-Based Processes for Metals Separation and Purification (14010)
This session will provide a forum for presentation of recent advances in aqueous-based metals separation and purification processes, e.g. liquid-liquid extraction and ion exchange. Presentations are encouraged relevant to metals purification and spent nuclear fuel processing. University, industrial and government participation is encouraged.
Chair:Stuart Arm
CoChair:Candido Pereira
12:30 PMPractical Actinide Partitioning
Daniel W. Tedder
12:55 PMSeparation of Uranium from Fission Products in Spent Nuclear Fuel Using Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide-Carbonate Solutions
George S. Goff, Felicia L. Taw, Shane M. Peper, Lia F. Brodnax, Stephanie E. Field, Chris Wakefield, Wolfgang H. Runde
1:20 PMWashing Savannah River Site Sludge with a Rotary Filter
Michael Poirier, David T. Herman
1:45 PMIonic Liquids as Extraction Solvents: Current Status and Future Directions
Mark L. Dietz
2:10 PMLab-Scale Demonstration of the Urex+1a Process Using Spent Nuclear Fuel
Candido Pereira, George F. Vandegrift, Monica C. Regalbuto, Allen J. Bakel, Delbert L. Bowers, James J. Laidler

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