Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#331 - Advances in the Pyroprocessing Based Fuel Cycle (14009)
This session covers recent research and technology advances relevant to the development of the pyrochemical method for treating spent nuclear fuel. Specific topics may include oxide reduction, electrorefining, metal processing, waste processing, and advanced materials for pyroprocessing. Molten salt topics relevant to spent fuel treatment are also welcomed.
Chair:Michael F. Simpson
Cochairs:Stuart Arm
Candido Pereira
8:30 AMStudy of Jet Splashing at Liquid/Gas Interface in an Oxide Reduction Electrochemical Cell
Supathorn Phongikaroon
9:00 AMElectrorefining of Reduced Spent Nuclear Oxide Fuel at Bench Scale
Steven Herrmann, Shelly X. Li
9:30 AMCorrosion Study of an Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Nickel-Based Superalloy in a High Temperature Li2O/LiCl Molten Salt under Oxidizing Conditions
Christine T. Snyder, Larry E. Putty, Javier Figueroa, Leonard Leibowitz, Andrew H. Hebden, Laurel A. Barnes, J. Ernesto Indacochea
10:00 AMEffect of Salt and Zeolite Particle Size on Preparation of Salt-Loaded Zeolite in the Ceramic Waste Process
Prateek Sachdev, Michael F. Simpson
10:30 AMCesium and Strontium Separations for Pyroprocessing of Spent Oxide Nuclear Fuel
Michael F. Simpson, Supathorn Phongikaroon

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