Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#12 - Advanced Oxidation Processes & Chemistries for Environmental Applications (14007)
This session addresses environmental chemical oxidation processes and chemistries and will emphasize emerging and developed oxidation technologies. Topic areas will include but are not limited to: a) laboratory and field advances for solid and liquid media treatment b) the use of combined technologies where oxidation treatment is coupled with alternative remediation approaches, and c) studies examining oxidation technology applications. Technologies addressing the remediation of organic and inorganic contaminants will be considered.
Chair:Mark E. Zappi
Cochairs:Daniel P. Lambert
Thomas B. Calloway Jr.
8:30 AMMultiple Oxidant Synergism in Chromium Separation from Hanford High Level Nuclear Waste Components
Jennifer E. Holland
9:00 AMOxidative Processes for Treating High Level Waste Sludge
Reid Peterson, Brian Rapko, Serguei Sinkov
9:30 AMA Critical Review of Integrated Advanced Oxidation Processes: Assessment of Process Synergism
Robert W. Peters, M. P. Sharma
10:00 AMDefense Waste Processing Facility Flowsheet Studies with Simulants to Determine Solvent Build-up in Continuous Runs
Dan P. Lambert
10:30 AMDestruction of Tetraphenylborate Via Wet Air Oxidation Technology
Kofi Adu-Wusu, Daniel J. McCabe, William R. Wilmarth

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