Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#424 - Advanced Hydrogen Storage Systems (14006)
Significant improvements over currently available hydrogen storage technologies are required if hydrogen is to become a viable energy carrier. Compact, lightweight carbon adsorbent materials have become interesting for possible use in a hydrogen storage system. Other advanced storage material made of various hydrides and ceramics are also being investigated. This session will cover hydrogen storage topics related to all types of advanced adsorbent materials. Topic areas will cover advanced carbon nano tube, ceramics and metal hydrides technologies and metal organic compounds.
Chair:William A. Summers
CoChair:Bill Holtzscheiter
3:15 PMHydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanotube and Palladium Composite Materials
Yong-Won Lee, Ranadeep Bhowmick, Hongjie Dai, Bruce M. Clemens
3:40 PMThe Application of Steam Hydrolysis of Chemical Hydrides to Facilitate Hydrogen Storage and Generation
Joshua R. Gray, Eyma Y. Marrero-Alfonso, Amy M. Beaird, Casey Campbell, Thomas A. Davis, Michael A. Matthews
4:05 PMModeling Hydrogen Adsorption in Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks
Jin-Chen Liu, Bing Dai, Karl Johnson
4:30 PMDestabilized Libh4 / Mgh 2 for Reversible Hydrogen Storage
Luis Rivera, Sesha Srinivasan, Matthew Smith, John Wolan, Elias Stefanakos
4:55 PMSimulation of the Rapid Charging of a Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage System
Armin D. Ebner, YongFeng Wang, James A. Ritter
5:20 PMHigh Capacity Reversible Hydrogen Storage Material
James A. Ritter, Tao Wang, Jun Wang, Armin D. Ebner

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