Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#480 - Advanced High Temperature Systems and Materials for Hydrogen Production (14004)
This session addresses advanced high temperature systems and materials to enable hydrogen production using nuclear, solar, or other high temperature heat sources (T > 700 C).
Chair:Steven Sherman
CoChair:Michael F. Simpson
8:30 AMA Helium Loop for the Transfer of Heat between a Nuclear Reactor and a Thermochemical Plant
Francis A. Gadala-Maria, Thomas A. Davis
8:55 AMHeat Transfer within a Ceramic Heat Exchanger Used for Sulfuric Acid Decomposition
Howard B. J. Stone, Milton E. Vernon, Edward J. Parma, Fred Gelbard, Robert C. Moore
9:20 AMCorrosion Performance of Ceramic Materials in High Temperature Sulfuric Acid Environments
E. N. Wright, Merrill A. Wilson, Charles Lewinsohn
9:45 AMMaterials for Sulphuric Acid Decomposition in the S-I Cycle
Howard B. J. Stone, Robert C. Moore, Paul S. Pickard
10:10 AMEvaluation of Material Corrosion in Molten Fluoride Salt
L.C. Olson, J. W. Ambrosek, K. Sridharan, M.H. Anderson, T.R. Allen, M.L. Corradini
10:35 AMDevelopment of C-Sic Ceramic Compact Plate Heat Exchangers for High Temperature Heat Transfer Applications
Per Peterson, Haihua Zhao, Fenglei Niu, Wensheng Wang, Jens Schmidt, Jan Schulte-Fischedick

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