Monday, November 13, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 23 (Hilton San Francisco)
#154 - Transport at Interfaces II (01C08)
The session covers the roles that interfacial physics and chemistry play in various separations processes including adsorptive separations, liquid/liquid extraction, distillation, crystallization, membrane-based separations, foam-based processes, etc. Both experimental and theoretical studies, including molecular simulations, are desirable.Examples are novel interfacial thermodynamic and transport studies, chromatography studies, mass transfer processes, and multiphase reactive separations.
Chair:Elias I. Franses
Cochairs:Costas Tsouris
Anuj Chauhan
3:15 PMAdsorption and Absorption of Polymeric Surfactants onto and into Soft Contact Lenses
K. A. Copley, C. Wu, L. Chen, Clayton J. Radke
3:35 PMTransport of Water and Ions across the Cunjunctiva and Its Effect on Ocular Tear Dynamics
Anuj Chauhan, Heng Zhu
3:55 PMFlow Instability on Molecular Scale
Hui Xu, Michael Rubinstein, sergei Sheiko
4:15 PMModeling Transport and Kinetics of Crystal Growth from Solution
Yong-Il Kwon, Bing Dai, Jeffrey J. Derby
4:35 PMDynamics of Impact of Drops on a Substrate with Small-Scale Features
A. M. T. T. Al-Housseiny, Hariprasad Subramani, Osman A. Basaran
4:55 PMReflectivity Based Analysis of Contact Line Behavior and Microscale Heat Transfer in Binary Ultrathin Films
Sashidhar S. Panchamgam, Joel L. Plawsky, Peter C. Wayner Jr.
5:15 PMLarge Dynamic Contact Angles
Parthasakha Neogi, S. Saritha

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