Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 5 & 6 (Hilton San Francisco)
#396 - Interfacial Phenomena in Materials Processing / Composites (01C05)
This session focuses on the roles of interfacial phenomena in processing of dense disperse systems and composites. Materials of interest include but are not limited to particle suspensions, polymer-nanoparticle composites and sol-gel systems. We welcome both experimental and theoretical contributions dealing with interfacial properties of composite materials as well as relevant industrial and commercial applications.
Chair:Jan Sefcik
CoChair:Jonathan W. Bender
12:30 PMInterfacial Stress Transfer in Carbon Nanotube Systems
Luis Zalamea, R. Byron Pipes
12:50 PMSubstrate Effects on Polymer Thin Films as an Analogy for Polymer Nanocomposites
Yong Yang, Jiong Shen, Ly James Lee
1:10 PMEffect of Counter-Ion Concentration on the Rheology of Shear-Thickening Surfactant Solutions
Mukund Vasudevan, Bamin Khomami, Amy Shen, Radhakrishna Sureshkumar
1:30 PMResponsive Binders for Controlling Dispersion Behavior of Fine Particle Clusters
Luciana Bava, Donald L. Feke, Ica Manas-Zloczower, Stuart Rowan
1:50 PMReversible Aggregation of Nanoparticles Induced by pH Dependent Changes of a Self-Assembled Polypeptide
Vinay K. Gupta, Jeung-Yeop Shim
2:10 PMpH-Induced Dispersion of Nanoparticle Clusters
Lianjun Shi, Cory Berkland
2:30 PMSingle-Step Synthesis of Metal/Porous Support Nanocomposite Materials in Mixed Surfactant Mesophase
Jayashri Sarkar, Vijay T. John, G. Ramanath, Arijit Bose

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