Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 25 (Hilton San Francisco)
#177 - Colloidal Dispersions I - Interactions & Assembly (01C19)
These sessions will consider colloidal dispersions, including dispersions of solids in liquids, emulsions, and foams. Presentations of either an experimental or theoretical nature are welcome on issues relating to responsive or functional colloids; colloidal crystals, gels and glasses; adsorption at interfaces; and colloidal interactions. Contributions are also welcome on other topics relating to the properties or applications of colloids.
Chair:Eric M. Furst
CoChair:Michael A. Bevan
8:30 AMSurface-Induced Attraction between like-Charged Particles at the Oil-Water Interface
Hui Xu, John E. Kirkwood, Mauricio Lask, Gerald G. Fuller
8:50 AMJamming and Melting in Colloidal Suspensions of pH-Responsive Hydrogels
Jae Kyu Cho, Victor Breedveld
9:10 AMImpeded Dynamics of Colloidal Suspensions under Confinement
Prasad Sarangapani, Yingxi Elaine Zhu
9:30 AMColloidal Interactions at an Oil-Water Interface
Eric M. Furst, John P. Pantina, Sven Reynaert, Jan Vermant
9:50 AMEngineered Assembly of Uniform Hierarchically Porous Patches from Metal Nanoparticles
Daniel M. Kuncicky, Orlin D. Velev
10:10 AMIn-Suspension Fabrication of Multi-Material Colloidal Doublets
Allison M. Yake, Darrell Velegol
10:30 AMImaging Interfacial Energy Landscapes with Concentrated Diffusing Colloidal Probes
Michael A. Bevan

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