Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 22 (Hilton San Francisco)
#65 - Biomolecules at Interfaces I - Protein-Membrane Interactions and Proteins at the Air-Water Interface (01C03)
This session welcomes contributions describing experiment and theory for a wide variety of biomolecules (proteins, DNA, polysaccharides, etc.) and a broad range of interfaces, both liquid-solid and liquid-liquid. Relevant topics include: protein adsorption, biological forces and adhesion, biomembranes, transport of biomolecules across interfaces, changes in biomolecule conformation induced by interfaces, and interfacial engineering for applications such as biosensing, biomedical materials development, and bioseparations. Traditionally, this session has emphasized fundamentals over applications, but contributions from both sides are encouraged.
Chair:Clayton J. Radke
CoChair:Maria M. Santore
12:30 PMMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Lipid-Protein Interactions
Ronald G. Larson, Senthil Kandasamy
12:46 PMInterfacial Properties of Alzheimer Amyloid- Peptides in Various Self-Assembled Forms
John E. Kirkwood, Jaykumar Rajadas, Martin Widenbrant, Gerald G. Fuller
1:02 PMAn Investigation of the Functionality of Synthetic Peptides in Pulmonary Surfactant Formulations from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Parag S. Adhangale, Donald Gaver III
1:18 PMCell Membrane Ganglioside GM1 Mediated Amyloid-Beta Fibril Formation and Membrane Disruption
Eva Y. Chi, Shelli L. Frey, Ka Yee C. Lee
1:34 PMAmpetoids: Functional Mimics of Helical, Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides
Nathaniel P. Chongsiriwatana, James A. Patch, Ann Czyzewski, Yoriel Marcano, Michelle T. Dohm, David Gidalevitz, Ronald N. Zuckermann, Annelise E. Barron
1:50 PMCholera Toxin Assault on Lipid Membranes Containing Ganglioside Gm1: an X-Ray Reflectivity and Grazing Incidence Diffraction Study at the Air-Water Interface
Chad E. Miller, Jaroslaw Majewski, Erik B. Watkins, Kristian Kjaer, Tonya L. Kuhl
2:06 PMUnderstanding Competitive Adsorption at the Air-Water Interface to Reverse Surfactant Inactivation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Patrick C. Stenger, Jonathan G. Fernsler, Joseph A. Zasadzinski
2:22 PMAdsorption Dynamics of Components of Pulmonary Surfactant at the Air/Water Interface
Alissa J. Prosser, Stephen B Hall
2:38 PMCharacterisation of Self-Assembled Protein Films at the Air-Water Interface Using the Cambridge Interfacial Tensiometer
Andrew S. Malcolm, Annette F. Dexter, Anton P.J. Middelberg

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