Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 13 (Hilton San Francisco)
#281 - Fundamentals of Interfacial Phenomena III (01C20)
Papers in this session cover experiments and theory that study fundamental topics intrinsic to interfaces between solids, liquids, and gases
Chair:Vinay K. Gupta
Cochairs:Marina Tsianou
Raymond R. Dagastine
3:15 PMEffect of Photoisomer Composition in a Photoresponsive Surfactant System
Bradley A. Cicciarelli, T. Alan Hatton, Kenneth A. Smith
3:35 PMFundamental Study of Adsorption Behavior of Ethoxylated Nonionic Surfactants from Organic Solvents on Various Surfaces
Abhay Ladhe, Arseni Radomyselski, D. Bhattacharyya
3:55 PMInterfacial Rheology and Structure of Straight-Chain and Branched Fatty Alcohol Mixtures
Rachel E. Kurtz, Arno Lange, Gerald G. Fuller
4:15 PMMonte Carlo Simulation of Lennard-Jones Surfactant Adsorption at the Liquid/Vapor Interface: the Effect of Tail Attractions, Temperature, Added Hydrophiles, and Surfactant Configuration
Andrew J. Howes, Clayton J. Radke
4:35 PMVisualization of Cooperativity in the Building of Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers
Christopher J. Campbell, Bartosz A. Grzybowski
4:55 PMIonization, Molecular Recognition, and Wetting Phenomena on Self-Assembled Interfaces Formed from Chiral and Achiral Macrocylic Compounds
Vinay K. Gupta, Jeung-Yeop Shim, Justine Molas, Adrian Defante
5:15 PMCharacteristics of Progeny Droplets Produced by Charge Instability Induced Breakups of Droplets
Asit K. Ray, Harry Hunter

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