Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 24 (Hilton San Francisco)
#276 - Emulsions and Foams (01C25)
This session will be concerned with the practical and theoretical aspects of emulsions and foams. Topics may range from formation to rheology to stabilization (i.e., film drainage and Marangoni-Gibbs effects, steric or electrostatic stabilization, stabilization with colloids, etc.). Particular emphasis on industrial uses of emulsions and foams (cosmetics, health care, foods, etc.) is encouraged
Chair:John C. Crocker
CoChair:Lenore L. Dai
3:15 PMNucleation and Bubble Growth Dynamics in Polymer Foaming on Paper Board
Sriram Kiran Annapragada, Sujit Banerjee, Timothy Patterson
3:35 PMRole of Micelles in Solubilization and Ostwald Ripening
Suwimon Ariyaprakai, Stephanie R. Dungan
3:55 PMUsing Mri Techniques to Study Hydrodynamic Forces in the Coalescence of Emulsions
Vannarith M. Leang, Robert L. Powell, Stephanie R. Dungan, Ronald J. Phillips, Jeffery W. Walton
4:15 PMA Novel Production Method for Lipid-Stabilized Monodisperse Ultrasound Contrast Agents
Esra Talu, Kanaka Hettiarachchi, Abraham P. Lee, Robert L. Powell, Paul Dayton, Margie Longo
4:35 PMPeptide Surfactants (Pepfactants®) for Switchable Control of Foam and Emulsion Stability
Andrew S. Malcolm, Annette F. Dexter, Anton P.J. Middelberg
4:55 PMRupture of Draining Foam Films Due to Random Pressure Fluctuations
Zebin Wang, Ganesan Narsimhan
5:15 PMParticle-Induced Drop Bridging in Pickering Emulsions
Prachi Thareja, Sachin Velankar

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