Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Union Square 24 (Hilton San Francisco)
#176 - Colloidal Assembly and Fabrication (01C23)
Recent advances in synthesis techniques and computation are enabling colloidal particles to be treated like “smart atoms”, and the result is the bottom-up synthesis of structures that resemble actual molecules. Colloidal crystals, dipoles, stars, and other shapes have been created, and new shapes are being conceived and modeled computationally. This symposium will consist of papers demonstrating colloidal assemblies that contain significant information (fluorescent groups, targeting particles), complexity (e.g., shape, core-shell, biological-particle constructs), assembly forces (magnetics, receptor-ligand, complementary DNA), and functionality (environmental remediation, optical properties). Topics will include site-specific chemistry (e.g., electrostatic forces, DNA, protein-mediated), modeling (e.g., Monte Carlo, Stokesian dynamics), characterization (e.g., confocal microscopy, electron microscopy, AFM), and applications (e.g., drug delivery, robotics, environmental, medical, electronic).
Chair:Darrell Velegol
CoChair:Michael A. Bevan
8:30 AMEngineering Novel Colloidal Crystal Structures Using DNA-Mediated Self-Assembly
Anthony J. Kim, Paul L. Biancaniello, John C. Crocker
8:50 AMProgrammed Self-Assembly of a Biosensor to Probe Cell Adhesion Interactions
Suzanne M. Barber, Philip J. Costanzo, Tonya L. Kuhl, Timothy E. Patten
9:10 AMColumnar Self-Assembly of Nanodisks
Aaron E. Saunders, Ali Ghezelbash, Brian A. Korgel
9:30 AMProperties of Surface-Anisotropic Polystyrene Particles
Ilona Kretzschmar
9:50 AMThe Controlled Synthesis of Complex Microparticles Using Continuous Flow Lithography and Their Self-Assembly
Dhananjay Dendukuri, Daniel C. Pregibon, T. Alan Hatton, Patrick S. Doyle
10:10 AMShape Selectivity in the Assembly of Lithographically-Designed Particles
Stephane Badaire, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne, Joseph Woody, Abraham D. Stroock
10:30 AMUnexpected Correlations Observed in Two-Dimensional Ordered Arrays of Colloidal Particles Deposited on Patterned Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Surfaces
Jaehyun Hur, You-Yeon Won

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