Monday, November 13, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 17 & 18 (Hilton San Francisco)
#133 - Interfacial Flows I (01J04)
This session will focus on flows in which fluid interfaces play an essential role. Topics include the dynamics of thin liquid films and liquid bridges, motion of individual drops and bubbles, and the behavior of emulsions and foams.
Chair:Nivedita R. Gupta
CoChair:Ali Borhan
3:15 PMOscillations of Drops Covered with a Monolayer of Insoluble Surfacant
Qi Xu, Osman A. Basaran
3:30 PMSurfactant Effects on Drop Detachment
Fang Jin, Kathleen J. Stebe
3:45 PMThe Effect of Surfactant and Surfactant Solubility on the Deformation and Breakup of a Bubble in a Viscous Surrounding
Michael Siegel, Yuan Young, Michael Booty, Demetrios T. Papageorgiou, Jie Li
4:00 PMElastic and Surfactant Effects on Bubbles Rising in a Rectangular Capillary
Vinod Bulusu, Nivedita R. Gupta
4:15 PMSpreading of Surfactant-Bearing Drops on a Solid Surface
Kit Yan Chan, Srinath Madasu, Ali Borhan
4:30 PMCoalescence of Spreading Droplets on a Wettable Substrate
William D. Ristenpart, Peter McCalla, R. Valery Roy, Howard A. Stone
4:45 PMThin Film Drainage and Drop Dynamics in Concentrated Emulsions
Sukhvinder Kaur, L. Gary Leal
5:00 PMDrop Coalescence in the Presence of an External Flow
Michael Loewenberg, Piero Santoro, Martin Nemer, Xiaohui Chen
5:15 PMSpontaneous Thermocapillary Interaction of Drops: the Effect of Surface Exothermic Reaction
Liat Bialik, Olga M. Lavrenteva, Avinoam Nir
5:30 PMBuoyancy-Driven Motion and Deformation of Viscoelastic Drops
Hongfei Wu, Hossein Haj-Hariri, Ali Borhan

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