Monday, November 13, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Union Square 15 & 16 (Hilton San Francisco)
#123 - Colloidal Hydrodynamics (01J02)
This session will focus on microscopic and macroscopic hydrodynamic phenomena in colloidal suspensions. These phenomena involve the coupling of fluid dynamics with Brownian motion, inter-particle forces, and external fields.
Chair:Eric R. Weeks
CoChair:Jeffrey F. Morris
3:15 PMOn the Motion of Two Particles Translating with Equal Velocities through a Colloidal Dispersion
Aditya S. Khair, John F. Brady
3:30 PMActive and Nonlinear Microrheology in the Large-Probe Limit: Direct Vs. Bulk Effects
Todd M. Squires
3:45 PMMicrostructure Response in a Colloidal Gel Using Laser Tweezers
Eric M. Furst, Myung Han Lee
4:00 PMSimulations of Particle Transport through Colloidal Gels
Ileana C. Carpen
4:15 PMOne-Dimensional Diffusion of Colloids in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures
Amir Amini, Marc A. Robert
4:30 PMNoncontinuum Effects in Nanoparticle Dynamics in Polymers
Venkat Ganesan, Bharadwaj Narayanan, Victor Pryamitsyn, Megha Surve
4:45 PMParticle Phase Pressure in Sheared Suspensions
Yevgeny Yurkovetsky, Jeffrey F. Morris
5:00 PMRheology and Structure Formation in Sheared Suspensions of Elastic Particles
Kenneth Higa, Jonathan Higdon
5:15 PMLift Force on an Asymmetrically Rotating Particle in Confinement
Sukalyan Bhattacharya
5:30 PMCatalytic Nanomotor Modeling
Darrell Velegol

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