Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Imperial B (Hilton San Francisco)
#505 - Metabolomic Approaches to Systems Biology (TA003)
With high-throughput metabolomic technology becoming so prevalent, the natural next question is how to make use of such information. The goal for this session is to discuss how and where metabolomic technology is being used to advance or complement our understanding of systems biology. Likewise, is systems biology informing our approach to metabolomics? Research describing the development and testing of new hypotheses, as well as describing new techniques relating metabolomics and systems biology are welcome.
Chair:Patrick C. Cirino
CoChair:Phillip C. Wright
8:30 AMIncreasing the in Vivo Nadph Availability by Metabolic Engineering in Escherichia Coli
Irene Martinez, Jiangfeng Zhu, Henry Lin, George N. Bennett, Ka-Yiu San
8:50 AMElucidating the Mode of Cytotoxicity in an Escherichia Coli Strain Engineered for Isoprenoid Production Using Transcriptomics and Metabolite Profiling
Lance Kizer, Douglas J. Pitera, Brian Pfleger, Jay D. Keasling
9:10 AMMetabolic Profile-Based Analysis of Metabolic Network Modularity
Jeongah Yoon, Yaguang Si, Kyongbum Lee
9:30 AMSystematic Identification of Conserved Metabolites in Gc-MS Data for Metabolomics and Biomarker Discovery
Mark Styczynski, Joel Moxley, Lily V. Tong, Jason L. Walther, Gregory N. Stephanopoulos
9:50 AMAccurate Time-Series Metabolomic Analysis of a Systematically Perturbed Arabidopsis Thaliana Liquid Culture System for Studying Regulation of Plant Primary Metabolism
Harin H. Kanani, Maria I. Klapa
10:10 AMFlux and Transcriptome Alterations in Mammalian Glycerol Kinase Disorders
Ganesh Sriram, Lola Rahib, Jian-Sen He, Allison Campos, Lilly Parr, James C. Liao, Katrina M. Dipple
10:30 AMEffect of YfiD and PoxB Gene Disruption on Microaerobic Pyruvate Catabolization and Metabolic Flux Distributions Based on C-13 Labeling Experiments
Jiangfeng Zhu, Sagit Shalel-Levanon, George N. Bennett, Ka-Yiu San

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