Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Mason (Hilton San Francisco)
#372 - Advances in Distillation Modeling and Processes II (02A02)
This session will address current research and application of new process modeling techniques.
Chair:Zarko Olujic
CoChair:Ross Taylor
12:30 PMModeling and Process Design of an Internally Heat-Integrated Distillation Column
Keigo Matsuda, Koichi Iwakabe, Masaru Nakaiwa, Toshinari Nakanishi, Takao Ohmori, Akira Endo, Takuji Yamamoto, Sho Kataoka
12:55 PMThe Automated Generation of Constrained Models from Feasibility Analysis for Reactive Distillation
Scott L. Turnberg, Steinar Hauan
1:20 PMReactive Distillation: Analysis of the Topology of a Reactive Residue Curve Map for a Continuous Column
Lubilanji Jean Mulopo, Diane Hildebrandt, David Glasser
1:45 PMProcess Analysis of Membrane Assisted Reactive Distillation
Carsten Buchaly, Peter Kreis, Andrzej Gorak
2:10 PMAnalysis of Absorption with Complex Reaction Kinetics
Jerry H. Meldon
2:35 PMRatesep - a New and Innovative Rate-Based Distillation Model for Amine Acid Gas Treating Processes
Chau-Chyun Chen, Selim Anavi, Hern Chen, Hailang Li, Shigeo Oba, Jianjun Peng

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