Friday, November 17, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Sutter (Hilton San Francisco)
#686 - Biosensors III: Saw Devices and Sensor Development (T9004)
As the final session of the Advances in Biosensors series, Biosensors III will focus on applications of SAW devices, and novel sensor development and analysis.
Chair:Kyung A. Kang
CoChair:Wilfred Chen
3:15 PMSimultaneous Surface Manipulation and Sensing in a Biosensor Using a Hexagonal Saw Device
Stefan Cular, Venkat R. Bhethanabotla, Darren W. Branch
3:35 PMFinite Element Modeling of Acoustic Streaming in Surface Acoustic Wave (Saw) Devices
Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, Stefan Cular, Venkat R. Bhethanabotla, Babu Joseph
3:55 PMDevelopment and Characterization of Antibody Molecules on Peg Tethered Aln-Based Biosensors
Ting Cao, Anfeng Wang, Xuemei Liang, Haiying Tang, Gregory W. Auner, Steven O. Salley, K. Y. Simon Ng
4:15 PMTreatment of Aluminum Nitride Biosensor Surfaces for Improved Silanization
Leland Rosenberger, Hitesh Handa, Guangzhao Mao, Gregory W. Auner, Gina Shreve
4:35 PMDevelopment of an Amperometric Sensor for Chiral Recognition in Organic Solvent Using the Gate Effect of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
Shin-ichi Sekine, Yuta Watanabe, Yasuo Yoshimi, Koji Hattori, Kiyotaka Sakai
4:55 PMMicro-Chameleons: Nonlinear Chemical Microsystems for Amplification and Sensing
Kyle J. M. Bishop, Tim P. Gray, Marcin Fialkowski, Bartosz A. Grzybowski
5:15 PMFractal Binding and Dissociation Kinetics of Heart-Related Compounds on Biosensor Surfaces
Ajit Sadana, Atul M. Doke

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