Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 1 (Hilton San Francisco)
#564 - Surfaces and Interfaces (T6003)
Surfaces and interfaces aspects of organic electronics will be discussed.
Chair:Carson Meredith
CoChair:Rachel A. Segalman
12:30 PMThe Assembly of Conjugated Dithiols on Gold and Gallium Arsenide
Lynn Loo, Dmitry Krapchetov, Hong Ma, Alex Jen, Daniel Fischer
1:15 PMDeposition of Reactive Procion Dyes in Layer-by-Layer Films for Second Order Nonlinear Optical Materials
Richey M. Davis, Akhilesh Garg, Cemil Durak, Randy Heflin, Harry Gibson
1:45 PMProbing Organic Field Effect Transistors (Ofets) in-Situ Using Sfg
Hongke Ye, Jia Huang, Howard Katz, David H. Gracias
2:15 PMOrientational Dynamics of Polydiacetylene Monolayers
Alice Y. Wong, Jeyaprakash S. Samuel, An J. Goffin, Sally Swanson, J. Campbell Scott, Bob Miller, Gerald G. Fuller
2:40 PMSurface Chemistry of Carbon Overcoats for Magnetic Data Storage
Yang Yun, Andrew J. Gellman

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