Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 7 (Hilton San Francisco)
#25 - High Throughput Biotechnologies (15D08)
The session "High Throughput Biotechnologies" is for scientists and engineers who are advancing genomics and proteomics, where "high throughput experimentation" involving DNA microarrays (and other other "labs on a chip"), TAP-TAG, and SAGE take center-stage. We will seek contributions from scientists and engineers who are developing these technologies for purposes related specifically to diagnostics, genome-scale analytical measurement of RNA and/or protein abundance, gene discovery, and related areas. Reports of new applications of existing high-throughput screens and analytical quantification technologies in the life sciences will also be considered.
Chair:Ian J. Laurenzi
Cochairs:Arul Jayaraman
Mattheos Koffas
8:30 AMLarge DNA Synthesis on a Chip with Oligonucleotide Mixtures by Solid Phase Pcr and Ligation Chain Reaction
Woonghee Lee, Jean-Marie Rouillard, Erdogan Gulari
8:50 AMHigh Throughput Screening of Kinases with Ruthenium Inhibitors
Eric Y. Wong, Scott L. Diamond
9:10 AMLarge-Scale Proteomic Analysis of Human Urinary Exosomes
Patricia A. Gonzales, Trairak Pisitkun, Robert Star, Robert Kleta, Nam Sun Wang, Mark A. Knepper
9:30 AMParallel Peptide Synthesis on Microfluidic Microarrays for Epitope Mapping and Cell Adhesion Assays
Suparna Mandal, Erdogan Gulari
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMHigh Throughput Genomic Analysis Using Maldi-Tof MS and Solid-Phase Capturable Dideoxynucleotides
Ashish Misra, Aana M. Kim, Sobin Kim
10:20 AMProduction of Aromatic Compounds by Metabolic Engineering
Lixuan Huang, Zhixiong Xue, Quinn Zhu, Michael McCluskey, Keith Cantera, Sharon Haynie, Arie Ben-Bassat, Sima Sariaslani
10:40 AMFunctional Genomics Approach to the Identification of Genes Encoding Substrates of the Twin-Arginine Translocation Pathway
Matthew J. Marrichi, Matthew P. DeLisa

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