Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Yosemite C (Hilton San Francisco)
#338 - Cell Adhesion and Migration (I) (15D04)
This session will focus on experimental and/or theoretical aspects of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell adhesion/migration. Appropriate papers include those addressing fundamental molecular mechanisms of cell-cell and/or cell-matrix interactions in two or three dimensional structures, as well as the roles of these cellular processes in tissue engineering, cell physiology or biotechnology. Papers may also include studies of matrix remodeling (proteolysis, contraction, synthesis), matrix-driven phenotype, or tissue architecture regulation of cellular processes, as well as evaluation of critical design parameters for controlling cell-cell or cell-matrix interactions for material design.
Chair:David W. Schmidtke
CoChair:Sundararajan V. Madihally
8:30 AMOsteogenic Differentiation of Mc3t3-E1 Cells Regulated by Substrate Stiffness Requires Mapk Activation
Chirag B. Khatiwala, Shelly R. Peyton, Andrew J. Putnam
8:50 AMBiomimetic Microcontrolled Materials for Guiding Cell Migration
Mariah Hahn, Jennifer L. West
9:10 AMA Model for Force Generation by Microtubule End-Binding Proteins
Luzelena Caro, Richard B. Dickinson, Daniel L. Purich
9:30 AMCombined Effect of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Ecm-Coated Substrates on Neurite Extension and Persistence from Retinal Explants
Jessica O. Winter, Stuart Cogan, Joseph F. Rizzo
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMEarly Growth Phase Adhesion of S. Aureus to Immobilized Platelets Via Clumping Factor Α (ClfΑ) and Fibronectin Binding Proteins (Fnbps)
Niraj P. E. George, Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Julia M. Ross
10:20 AMAmyloid-Beta Induced Endothelial-Monocyte Interactions Involved in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy and Alzheimer's Disease
Francisco J. Gonzalez, Adriana Reyes Barcelo, Melissa A. Moss
10:40 AMChemoreceptors Control Salmonella Typhimurium Motility, Accumulation, and Localization in in Vitro Tumors
Rachel W. Kasinskas, Neil S. Forbes

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