Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Plaza B (Hilton San Francisco)
#479 - Advanced Computations and Numerical Models in Water Technology and Resource Management - II (T1008)
This session seeks contributions in the area of water and wastewater management modeling, advanced computations in memrbane water treatment and desalination technologies and the use and development of automated tools. These tools should present new developments in the use of numerical methodologies to optimally solve water resources allocation problems. The session will also consider advanced numerical models in water technology applications.
Chair:Mariano J. Savelski
CoChair:Christian M. Lastoskie
8:30 AMThe Role of Simulation in Evaluating Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, and Recycling Processes in the Semiconductor Industries
Demetri P. Petrides, Alexandros Koulouris
9:00 AMA Retrofit Model of Water Networks in Industrial Processes
Debora C. Faria, Miguel J. Bagajewicz
9:30 AMMolecular Simulation of Arsenic Adsorption in Layered Double Hydroxides
Nayong Kim, Theodore T. Tsotsis, Muhammad Sahimi
10:00 AMOptimization of Water Networks in Industrial Processes from a Management Point of View
Debora C. Faria, Miguel J. Bagajewicz
10:30 AMBond Graph Modeling of an Integrated Biological Wastewater Treatment System
Xi Zhang, Karlene Hoo, David Overland

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