Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Plaza A (Hilton San Francisco)
#422 - Advanced Computations and Numerical Models in Water Technology and Resource Management - I (T1004)
This session invites submissions which will highlight advances in computations and modeling, with specific application to quality and characteristics of water (such as purity, flow, recycling, prediction of water height, harvesting, etc.) for chemical, bio-chemical and environmental processes. Water resources being of extreme importance for sustainability of the planet, to this effect this session is not just restricted to industrial water systems but computation and systems approaches for industrial waters, drinking waters, and natural water systems is part of this session. The session will also consider approaches to resource management via advanced numerical models.
Chair:Francesc Giralt
CoChair:Urmila Diwekar
3:15 PMModeling Macrotransport and Microtransport for Removal of Natural Organic Matter by Anion Exchange
Treavor H. Boyer, Cass T. Miller, Philip C. Singer
3:40 PMNeural Network Approach for Modeling the Performance of Ro Membrane Processes
Dan Libotean, Jaume Giralt, Yoram Cohen, Francesc Giralt
4:05 PMComputational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Ro Membrane Performance with Novel Feed Spacer Geometries
Greg Guillen, Eric M. V. Hoek
4:30 PMComparative Analysis of Milp and Minlp Single Contaminant Models in the Design of Water Networks in Industrial Settings
Debora C. Faria, Miguel J. Bagajewicz
4:55 PMMercury Trading in Water: Application of Stochastic Programming for Decision Making
Yogendra Shastri, Urmila Diwekar
5:20 PMWater Height Prediction in Mobile Bay Using Wavelet-Based Multi-Scale Model
Katherine Thorn, Kyeong Park, Nicholas D. Sylvester, Manish Misra

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