Friday, November 17, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 23 (Hilton San Francisco)
#667 - Mixing and Chemical Reaction (06004)
Mixing requirements for the wide variety of chemical reactions that are encountered in the process industries can vary from simple blending for homogeneous, slow reactions, to requirements for special devices for fast and/or heterogeneous reactions. Design of satisfactory mixing systems on all scales of operation requires understanding of the reactions involved including the possible interaction between the kinetics and mass transfer as well as the mixing requirements for contacting of multiple phases. These considerations apply to batch, semi-batch, and continuous operations. In some cases, many conventional mixing systems may be insufficient to achieve desired selectivity thereby presenting the mixing design engineer with critical scale-up design issues. Papers are sought that illustrate the influence of mixing in reactor design and performance.
Chair:Rodney O. Fox
CoChair:Otute Akiti
12:30 PMLocal Structure of a Reactive Flow Field on Miscible Viscous Fingering with Chemical Reaction
Takashi Ogawa, Yuichiro Nagatsu, Yoshihito Kato, Yutaka Tada
12:55 PMA Continuous-Jet Hydrate Reactor for Ocean Carbon Sequestration: Laboratory and Field Experiments
Costas Tsouris, Phillip Szymcek, Scott McCallum, Patricia Taboada-Serrano, Peter Brewer, Edward Peltzer III, Peter Walz, E. Eric Adams
1:20 PMHydrogenation in a Stirred Reactor: Simultaneous Bubble Size and Reaction Rate Measurement
Alvin Nienow, Binjie Hu, Andrzej W. Pacek, J. Michael Winterbottom, Robert P. Fishwick, Hugh Stitt
1:45 PMPredicting the Progress of Diffusively Limited Chemical Reactions in the Presence of Chaotic Advection
Paulo E. Arratia, Jerry P. Gollub
2:10 PMInvestigation on an Iodine-Iodate Reaction System for Stable Chemical Analysis of I3- Ion and Its Application to Characterizing Micromixing Efficiency of a Rotating Disk Reactor
Yoshiharu Izuka, Yoshiro Inoue, Yushi Hirata
2:35 PMInterpretation of the Bourne Segregation Parameters for Serial Competitive Reactions
Lynn A. Melton

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