Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#20 - Educational Software Demonstrations (04007)
This session provides an opportunity to show the latest version of your educational software in an informal, interactive setting. Software for use in chemical engineering courses, or in any area of potential interest to chemical engineering students and instructors, is welcome.
Chair:Kevin D. Dahm
CoChair:Adrienne R. Minerick
Distributed Dynamic Simulation of Water Process Plants for Collaborative Learning
Richard Herz, Gregory E. Ogden
Real Labs at a Distance
Jim Henry
Superpro Designer: an Interactive Software Tool for Designing and Evaluating Integrated Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Processes
Nirupam Pal, Demetri P. Petrides, Charles Siletti
A Web-Based Tool to Support Learning Engineering and Problem Solving
Darlington N. Oguzie, Michael E. Hanyak
Polymath 6.1 Now Supports Problem Solving in Excel and Matlab
Michael B. Cutlip, Mordechai Shacham, Michael Elly
Interactive Simulation for Teaching Engineering Economics
Kevin D. Dahm, David L. Silverstein

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