Monday, November 13, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Taylor (Hilton San Francisco)
#135 - Introducing Chemical Engineering to K-12 through Experimentation and Course Integration I (04004)
Decisions on majoring in engineering need to be made early in the K-12 system so that students can take appropriate math/science courses. This session will explore ways of introducing students and teachers in the K-12 system to chemical engineering principles. This exposure will assist in the selection of a major as well as improve the content of the K-12 math and science courses.
Chair:Angelo Perna
CoChair:Richard Zollars
3:15 PMA Primer for Chemical Engineering Education/K-12
Maru Colbert
3:33 PMProject Lead the Way: Introducing High School Students to Engineering
David G. Rethwisch
3:51 PMThe Inspires Curriculum: Introducing K-12 Students to Engineering Design Using Inquiry-Based Learning
Julia M. Ross, Taryn M. Bayles, Carolyn Parker, Bruce Jarrell
4:09 PMIntegrating Chemical Engineering as a Vehicle to Enhance Secondary School Science Instruction
Howard S. Kimmel, Reginald P. T. Tomkins, Angelo Perna
4:27 PMThe Great Orange Squeeze: Using Chemical Engineering and the Engineering Design Process to Prepare Middle School Educators for the Massachusetts Engineering Framework Requirements
Katherine S. Ziemer, Saloni Bhardwaj, Paula Leventman, Reisberg Rachelle
4:45 PMExperimental Outreach Activities to Educate High School Students and Attract Them to the Engineering Profession
Tamara Floyd-Smith, Kyung C. Kwon, Adrienne Moore, Cotasha Wilson, Jeremy York
5:03 PMIntroducing Bioprocess Engineering for K-12 Students
Eric L. Maase, Sundararajan V. Madihally
5:21 PMUsing Hands-on Activities to Teach High School Students Chemical Engineering
Marina Miletic

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