Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Van Ness (Hilton San Francisco)
#19 - Chemical Engineering in the First Year (04A00)
This session invites papers on novel courses, seminars, or other activities aimed at bringing chemical engineering concepts into the curriculum for first year engineering students. Of particular interest are activities that bring chemical engineering to a general audience including non-majors.
Chair:David Tomasko
CoChair:Margot Vigeant
8:30 AMUsing Sneakers to Step into Chemical Engineering
Margot Vigeant, Richard H. Moore
8:48 AMFuel Cell Car Performance Design Project in a Freshman Introduction to Engineering Course
Steve R. Duke, Virginia A. Davis
9:06 AMChemical Engineering Laboratory Exercises with Design Problems for First Year Engineering Students
Polly R. Piergiovanni, Kaushal Silwal
9:24 AMLab-on-a-Chip Design/Build Project in a First-Year Engineering Course
David Tomasko, Yosef Allam, Bruce Trott, Phil Schlosser, Yong Yang, Paul Clingan, Nick Ferrell, John Merrill
9:42 AMHigh School and First Year College Process and Product Design Experiences with Slime
Karen High, Charlene Yauch
10:00 AMProject-Based Learning in a First-Year Chemical Engineering Course
Charles J. Coronella, Scott A. Cooper
10:18 AMDesign of a Freshman Chemical Engineering Course
Donald P. Visco Jr., Pedro E. Arce
10:36 AMUsing Lego Mindstorms for Introducing Freshmen to Chemical Engineering
Bill B. Elmore

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