Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Continental 8 (Hilton San Francisco)
#173 - Building Drug Delivery into Tissue Engineering (15C12)
Traditionally, tissue engineering has involved the development of new materials that encourage cell infiltration and proliferation. New opportunities exist to also confer therapeutic properties on engineered tissues by the controlled, targeted release of drugs. Applications of drug delivery systems in tissue engineering include wound healing, antinflammatory treatment near implants, and antitumor therapies.
Chair:Tao L. Lowe
CoChair:Agnes Ostafin
8:30 AMDNA Loaded Multiple Channel Bridges for Spinal Cord Regeneration
Laura De Laporte, Yang Yang, Marina L. Zelivyanskaya, Aileen J. Anderson, Lonnie D. Shea
8:50 AMMicrofluidic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Nak Won Choi, Mario Cabodi, Abraham D. Stroock, Omotunde Babalola, Lawrence J. Bonassar
9:10 AMEnhancing Nanoparticle Penetration in the Brain by Convection Enhanced Delivery and Enzymatic Degradation of the Extracellular Matrix
Keith B. Neeves, Andrew Sawyer, Conor P. Foley, William L. Olbricht, W. Mark Saltzman
9:30 AMCalcium Phosphate Shell Delivery System for Bone Repair
Agnes Ostafin, Stephanie Schmidt
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMOsteoblast Response to Amorphous Calcium Phosphate in Vitro
Jenni R. Popp, Brian J. Love, Aaron S. Goldstein
10:20 AMThe Hydroxyapatite Affinity and Binding Kinetics of Peptides Modified with Bisphosphonates, Poly(Aspartic Acid), and Poly(Glutamic Acid)
Matthew B. Murphy, Antonios G. Mikos
10:40 AMAffinity Hydrogels: Tailored Protein Delivery from Permissive Tissue Engineering Matrices
Andrew T. Metters, Chien Chi Lin

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