Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 9 (Hilton San Francisco)
#58 - Advances in Animal and Plant Cell Culture Process Development (15C09)
This session will focus on recent developments in the field of cell culture with emphasis on application in therapeutic protein productivity enhancement. Methods for improving the performance of cell culture processes, including media development, process parameter adjustments, and scale up/scale down methods, as well as the effect of these methods on product quality, will be emphasized. Additionally, innovations in cell culture technology, including sensors and analyzer technology, as well as bioreactor and control systems may be showcased. Potential audience of the session include students as well as scientists and engineers from academia and biotech industry involved in cell culture process R&D.
Chair:John H. Chon
12:30 PMIncreasing Adeno-Associated Virus Specific Yield in Insect Cell Culture by Increasing Temperature
Marc G. Aucoin, Michel Perrier, Amine A. Kamen
12:50 PMAntibody Production in the GS-NS0 System under Normal and Hyperosmotic Culture Conditions: a Combined Modeling and Experimental Study
Yingswan Ho, Julie Varley, Athanasios Mantalaris
1:10 PMImplementation of Online Amino Acid Analysis for Medium and Feed Optimization in Mammalian Cell Culture
Polina Rapoport, Michael S. Arulgnanendran, Melinda Krebs, Martin Gawlitzek, Kirin Malik Jamison, Deborah E. Pascoe
1:30 PMAutomated Flow Cytometry for Monitoring and Control of Cho Cell Cultures
Greg Sitton, Alan Gilbert, Ann Hansgate, Friedrich Srienc
1:50 PMBreak
2:00 PMRapid and Efficient Strain Evaluation Using a Micro-Scale Bioreactor
Janine Reimann, Gopal Chotani, Tim Dodge, Alfred Gaertner
2:20 PMThe Use of Energy Dissipation Rate as a Parameter to Assist in the Evaluation, Scale-up, and Scale-down of Bioprocesses
Jeffrey J. Chalmers, Ruben Godoy, Claudia Berdugo
2:40 PMEvaluating Biopharmaceutical Economics and Capacity with Process Modeling and Simulation Tools
Demetri P. Petrides, Charles Siletti

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