Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 8 (Hilton San Francisco)
#107 - Tissue Engineering: Biomaterial-Cell Interactions in Tissue Engineering (II) (15D15)
This session invites presentations on the design, development and application of tissue equivalents and artificial organs. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: functional micro- and nanostructured scaffolds, cell-matrix interactions, factor or gene delivery methodologies for tissue engineering, progenitor cell differentiation, novel bioreactor configurations for tissue expansion, storage and preservation of tissues, and in vivo implementation and analysis of artificial tissues/organs.
Chair:Manolis S. Tzanakakis
CoChair:Chia-Chi Ho
12:30 PMNanoscale Rgd Peptide Organization and Substrate Elastic Modulus Regulates Stem Cell and Preosteoblast Proliferation
Susan Hsiong, Paolo Carampin, Hyun Joon Kong, David J. Mooney
12:50 PMCell-Matrix Interactions: Quantifying Cell Migratory and Contractile Behavior in a Series of Characterized Collagen-Gag Scaffolds
Brendan A. Harley, Hyung-Do Kim, Muhammad H. Zaman, Ioannis V. Yannas, Lorna J. Gibson
1:10 PMEngineering the Alginate Matrix Regulates Tissue Development and Growth of Ovarian Follicles
Erin R. West, Teresa K. Woodruff, Lonnie D. Shea
1:30 PMExtracellular Matrix Chemistry and Mechanics Cooperatively Regulate Smooth Muscle Cells
Shelly R. Peyton, Christopher B. Raub, Vic P. Keschrumrus, Andrew J. Putnam
1:50 PMBreak
2:00 PMEffects of Long Term Cyclic Strain on Fibrin Based Cylindrical Tissue Constructs
Zeeshan Syedain, Robert T. Tranquillo
2:20 PMEliminating Oxygen Supply Limitations for Transplanted Microencapsulated Islets in the Treatment of Type I Diabetes
Amy S. Lewis, Esther O'Sullivan, Robert J. Fisher, Abdulkadir Omer, Gordon C. Weir, Clark K. Colton
2:40 PMMonitoring Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in Tissue Engineered Substitutes
Jeffrey D. Gross, Robert Long Jr., Ioannis Constantinidis, Athanassios Sambanis

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