Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Yosemite B (Hilton San Francisco)
#326 - Advances in Bioseparations (15C03)
Separations are a critical unit operation in any bioprocess. Biological metabolites are typically produced in relatively low amounts and thus concentration and purification can add significant cost to the overall processes. Separation of biological molecules and effluents often require special considerations not generally applicable to nonbiological separations. The focus of this session is to highlight the latest theoretical and experimental advances in bioseparations that promise to reduce costs and improve separation efficiency. Topics to be covered will include, but are not limited to: (1) crystallization and evaporation, (2) membrane-based bioseparations, (3) adsorption and ion exchange, (4) extraction, and (5) simulated moving bed chromatography.
Chair:Sanjeev Katti
CoChair:Satish J. Parulekar
8:30 AMSimple and Economical Purification of Recombinant Proteins by Self-Cleaving Aggregation Tags
David W. Wood, Haihua Chu, Courtney Mee, Mahmoud Reza Banki
8:50 AMMolecularly Imprinted Polymeric Microparticles for Bio-Analytical Applications
Olympia Kotrotsiou, Costas Kiparissides
9:10 AMA Rational Method to Improve Bioseparation Via Proteomics
Robert R. Beitle, Rajaramesh Varakala, Ryan Haley, Ralph Henry, Mohammad Ataai
9:30 AMA Proteomics Approach to Evaluate Expression Host and Downstream Recovery Compatibility: Analysis of Maize and Ion Exchange Chromatography
Li Xu, Charles E. Glatz
9:50 AMBreak
10:00 AMPurification of Biomolecules by Multicolumn Countercurrent Solvent Gradient Chromatography (Mcsgp)
Thomas Müller-Späth, Lars Aumann, Guido Ströhlein, Abhijit Tarafder, Massimo Morbidelli
10:20 AMPurification of E. Coli Inner Membrane Vesicles by Biotin-Streptavidin Interaction
Norman T. Hovijitra, James R. Swartz
10:40 AMOsmotic Second Virial Coefficient as a Useful Tool to Optimize Self Assembly of Virus-like Particles
Yap Pang Chuan, Anton P. J. Middelberg

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