Thursday, November 16, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Yosemite A (Hilton San Francisco)
#586 - Drug Delivery (II) (15D14)
This session highlights recent research efforts in the broad area of design, characterization (in vitro and in vivo), and development of drug delivery systems with multi-functional properties for targeted and sustained drug delivery. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Effects of chemical structure and/or physical properties of drug delivery systems on loading efficiency and release kinetics; functionalizing drug carriers with moieties for specific targeting; blood circulation time and biodistribution of drug-carrier complexes after systemic injection; in vitro and in vivo studies of cellular uptake.
Chair:Efrosini Kokkoli
CoChair:Stavroula Sofou
3:15 PMThe Interplay of Drug, Polymer, and Solvent Properties on the Release Characterisitics of Membrane-Based Systems
Anthony J. McHugh, Decheng Ma, Michael Marsh
3:35 PMTargeting the Breast Cancer Microenvironment Using Interleukin-12 Conjugated Pamam Dendrimers
Kelsey Yee, Erin Rieke, Stuart Helfand, Christine J. Kelly
3:55 PMNanoparticles for Targeted Delivery to Prostate Cancer Cells
Aleksandar F. Radovic-Moreno, Benjamin A. Teply, Jason Fuller, Frank Gu, Etgar Levy-Nissenbaum, Robert Langer, Omid C. Farokhzad
4:15 PMRecognition of the Size of Polymer Drug Carriers by Macrophages
Julie Champion, Samir Mitragotri
4:35 PMBreak
4:45 PMOral Delivery of Insulin Bioconjugates Using Intelligent Complexation Hydrogels
Justin P. Shofner, Nikhil J. Kavimandan, Nicholas A. Peppas
5:05 PMValidation of a Model Predicting the Influence of Cyclodextrins on Oral Bioavailability: Comparison with in Vitro and in Vivo Data
Ece D. Gamsiz, Avinash G. Thombre, Lee A. Miller, Rebecca L. Carrier
5:25 PMA Release Rate Study for Controlled Drug Delivery Using Niosomes
Kristina O. Dearborn, Ryan G. Toomey, Michael D. VanAuker, Norma Alcantar

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