Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#319 - Poster Session: Recent Developments in Crystallization and Evaporation (02B03)
All aspects of crystallization and evaporation science and technology are of interest to this poster session.
Chair:Sridhar Desikan
CoChair:Constance A. Schall
Formation of Low Acidity Adnbf by Reactive Crystallization
Song-Jung Yu, Dae-Jin Kim, Han-Sang Oh, Eun-Chan Cho, Kwang Joo Kim, Hyoun-Soo Kim, Kee-Kahb Koo
Formation and Characterization of II-VI Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Dae-Jin Kim, Ju-Hyun Lee, Yeon-Wook Jeong, Jae-Woong Yu, Kee-Kahb Koo
Crystallization of Low Solubility Calcium-Arsenate Compounds for Arsenic Removal from Poly(Diallyldimethyl Ammonium Chloride)-Arsenate Solution
Winya Dungkaew, Kenneth J. Haller, Adrian E. Flood, John F. Scamehorn
Prediction for Solvent Effect on Crystal Morphology of an Energetic Material by Molecular Modeling
Ju-Hyun Lee, Song-Jung Yu, Kee-Kahb Koo
Distribution of Impurities in Protein Crystallization
Rajendrakumar A. Gosavi, Sasidhar Varanasi, Constance A. Schall
Evaporative Crystallization of Sodium Sulfate Dicarbonate
Cosmas Bayuadri, Christopher L. Verrill, Ronald W. Rousseau
Solvent Effect on Morphology of Crystals
Charles Acquah, Arunprakash T. Karunanithi, Luke E. K. Achenie

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