Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Lombard (Hilton San Francisco)
#229 - Crystallization of Pharmaceutical and Biological Molecules - I (02B01)
Papers addressing fundamental as well as applied studies in the area of pharmaceutical and biological molecule crystallization are welcomed. It is anticipated that several papers will focus on bio-macromolecular crystallization (proteins, DNA, RNA etc). In addition, studies focused on small or intermediate molecular weight molecules are welcome provided such studies are relevant to biology or pharmaceutics. Industrial case studies or "war stories" are encouraged. The session hopes to provide a balance of applied and fundamental studies
Chair:Donald J. Kirwan
CoChair:Shekhar K. Viswanath
12:30 PMProducing Small Crystals of a Pharmaceutical Compound by a Continuous Polymorph Transformation Process
Bing Shiou Yang, Chenkou Wei, San Kiang
12:55 PMRapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution with Solid Cosolvent (Ress-Sc) Process for Pharmaceutical Nanoparticles Formation
Ram B. Gupta, Ranjit Thakur
1:20 PMCharacterizing Intermolecular Interactions from Self-Diffusion Coefficients to Locate Conditions for Spherical Crystallization
Guangwen He, Reginald B. H. Tan, Paul J. A. Kenis, Charles F. Zukoski
1:45 PMConcomitant Polymorphism in Industrial Precipitation Processes
Pieter J. Jansens, J.H. ter Horst, H.J.M. Kramer
2:10 PMMaking Co-Crystals the Utility of Ternary Phase Diagrams
Renato A. Chiarella, Roger J. Davey, Matthew L. Peterson
2:35 PMHigh Throughput Nanoliter Screening and Morphological Control of Protein Crystals Via Precipitant Gradients
Goher Mahmud, Stoyan K. Smoukov, Yuriy Chegel, Bartosz A. Grzybowski

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