Monday, November 13, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 1 (Hilton San Francisco)
#60 - Advances in IT for Process Operations (10C08)
Advances in IT for Process Operations
Chair:Matt H. Bassett
CoChair:Jimmy L. Humphrey
12:30 PMStandardization and Systematization of Control Room Operation through the Implementation of an Intelligent Sequence Control System
Tetsuji Tani, Fumitaka Higuchi, Takeshi Takeuchi
12:55 PMMedium-Term and Short-Term Scheduling of a Large-Scale Industrial Continuous Plant
Munawar A. Shaik, Christodoulos A. Floudas, Josef Kallrath, Hans-Joachim Pitz
1:20 PMA Modeling Framework That Enables Process Synthesis, Design, Analysis, Optimization, and Planning in the Process Industries
Ajay Lakshmanan, Granville Paules, Vladimir Mahalec
1:45 PMHuman Model-Based Dynamic Evaluation for Alarm System in Chemical Plant
Xiwei Liu, Masaru Noda, Hirokazu Nishitani
2:10 PMModeling and Selection of Supply Contracts
Mukta Bansal, I.A. Karimi, Rajagopalan Srinivasan
2:35 PMInformatics Based Approach for Mathematical Knowledge Modeling in Process Operations
Pradeep Suresh, Chunhua Zhao, Girish Joglekar, Venkat Venkatasubramanian

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