Friday, November 17, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franciscan C (Hilton San Francisco)
#616 - Advances in Co Hydrogenation I (20040)
This session examines the catalysis of CO hydrogenation.
Chair:Dady B. Dadyburjor
CoChair:Dragomir B. Bukur
8:30 AMWelcoming Remarks
8:35 AMEffects of Support Composition on the Activity of Cu/Mxzr1-Xo2 (M = Ce, Pr, Mn) for Methanol Synthesis Via Co Hydrogenation
Alexis T. Bell, Konstatin A. Pokrovski
8:55 AMThe Effect of Rhodium Precursor on Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation Catalysts
S. David Jackson, Daniel J Rosenberg
9:15 AMFischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Characterization of Interactions between Reduction Promoters and Co for Co/Al2O3–Based GTL Catalysts
Gary Jacobs, Amitava Sarkar, Yaying Ji, Patricia M. Patterson, Tapan K. Das, Mingsheng Luo, Burtron H. Davis
9:35 AMAn Investigation into Supercritical Fluids as a Reaction Media for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
J. Ed Durham, Nimir. O. Elbashir, Christopher B. Roberts
9:55 AMIntermission
10:00 AMSynthesis, Activation, and Mechanism of Function for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts Based on Iron
Manuel Ojeda, Akio Ishikawa, Enrique Iglesia, Rahul Nabar, Manos Mavrikakis
10:20 AMFischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Comparison of 14C Distributions and Analysis of Reaction Pathways When Labeled Acetic Acid Is Added
Amitava Sarkar, Shiqi Bao, Robert A. Keogh, Burtron H. Davis
10:40 AMDevelopment of a New Kinetic Expression for the Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Reaction
F. Gideon Botes, Berthold B. Breman

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