Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franciscan A (Hilton San Francisco)
#508 - Multiphase Reaction Engineering (20033)
This session covers new developments in multiphase reaction engineering.
Chair:Tiberiu (Tiby) M. Leib
CoChair:P. A. Ramachandran
8:30 AMBubble Dynamics Study in a Slurry Bubble Column with a Four-Point Optical Probe
Chengtian Wu, Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan
8:49 AMGas-Liquid Reactor Model for the Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
Radmila Jevtic, P. A. Ramachandran, M. P. Dudukovic
9:08 AMMultiple Hydrodynamic States in Trickle Flow Reactors: Towards Optimising Reactor Performance by Manipulation of the Hydrodynamic State
Willie Nicol, Werner Van der Merwe, Dylan S. Loudon, Arie J. van Houwelingen
9:27 AMPolymer Hydrogenation by Reactive Extrusion Pulsed and Continuous Flow Systems
Alan G. Bussard, Kerry M. Dooley
9:46 AMMulti-Scale Modeling of Selective Oxidation in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Downer Reactor
Vaishali Suryawanshi, Shantanu Roy, Patrick L. Mills
10:05 AMModeling of Trickle Bed Hydro-Processing Reactor
L. Srinivasa Mohan, V. V. Ranade, Ahmad H. Haidari
10:24 AMAcoustic Detection of Flooding in Absorption Columns and Trickle Beds
Erin Hansuld, Joseph Downey, Derek Hartling, Cedric Briens, Lauren Briens
10:42 AMRemoval of Hydrogen Sulfide in Coal Gases Producing Liquid Element Sulfur
Kyung C. Kwon, Laneddye Carter, Claudell Burnell, Tikia Allen, Tara Johnson, Robie Lewis

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