Thursday, November 16, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Yerba Buena Ballroom 6 (Marriott San Francisco)
#608 - Polymerization Reaction Engineering, Kinetics and Catalysis II (20022)
This is the second of two sessions devoted to polymerization reaction engineering.
Chair:Sanjeev Katti
CoChair:Uttandaraman Sundararaj
3:15 PMEnzyme-Catalyzed Miniemulsion Polymerization
Genggeng Qi, Christopher W. Jones, F. Joseph Schork
3:36 PMSilica Tethered Sulfonic Acids for Activation of Olefin Polymerization Catalysts
Jason C. Hicks, Brooke A. Mullis, Christopher W. Jones
3:57 PMSyndiotactic Styrene Polymerization on a Flat-Surface Deposited Metallocene Catalyst
Kyu Y. Choi, Joongjin Han, Sang B. Lee, Won Jung Yoon
4:18 PMThe Early-Time Polymerization Kinetics in Acidic Water/Alcohol Solutions of Bis(Trialkoxysilyl)Alkanes with Short Bridging Chains
Jyothirmai Ambati, Stephen E. Rankin
4:39 PMInhibitive Chain Transfer to Ligand in Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of N-Butyl Acrylate
Rahul Sharma, Ayush Goyal, James M. Caruthers, You-Yeon Won
5:00 PMKinetic Study of the Solution Polymerization of Methacrylamide Initiated with Potassium Persulfate Using in-Situ Raman Spectroscopy and Novel Multivariate Data Analysis Band-Target Entropy Minimization (Btem)
Ying Jiang, Marc Garland, Keith J. Carpenter, Parappuveetil S. Suresh, Effendi Widjaja
5:21 PMApplication of on-Line Ft-Nir Spectroscopy for Monitoring the Kinetcs of Anionic Polymerizations
Luis A. Rodriguez-Guadarrama

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