Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Continental 9 (Hilton San Francisco)
#441 - Energetic Materials: Environmental and Life Cycle Issues (03E02)
This session will focus on the lifecycle environmental issues associated with energetic materials. Topical areas to include: address the pollution prevention, compliance, and restoration issues/technologies related to the synthesis, production, formulation, testing, storage, training, demilitarization, and cleanup of energetic materials.
Chair:Charles R. Painter
CoChair:Erica Becvar
3:15 PMBiosynthesis of Nitramines
Vladimir Gilman, Michael Cushman, Thomas K. Wood, Edwin Jahngen, Jimmie Oxley, Randall J. Cramer, Brooke Jones
3:40 PMEnvironmentally Friendly Green Propellant for the Medium Caliber Training Rounds
Thelma Manning, Michael Ellis, David Worrell, Kelly Brown Moran, Steve Ritchie, Robert Lieb, Michael Leadore, Joseph Colburn, Barrie Homan
4:05 PMClosed Loop Processing of Energetics to Safely Eliminate Emissions
Brian Butters, Tony Powell
4:30 PMTreatment Technologies for Perchlorate
Edward N. Coppola
4:55 PMWaste Treatment Using Molten Salt Oxidation Technology
Timothy J. Rivers, Solim Kwak, Majid Moosavi, Ed Ansell, Francis Sullivan
5:20 PMDestruction of Tnt and Related Compounds by a Solid-State Monolayer Photocatalyst
H. James Harmon, Jason Robinson

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