Thursday, November 16, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Franciscan D (Hilton San Francisco)
#517 - Processing and Safety of Energetic Materials (03E01)
The session will cover the rheology and processing of energetic materials, especially using novel continuous technologies. The scope includes the mathematical modeling and simulation of the processing operation, experimental studies, process control, structure versus the processing history relationships, and various factors which govern the safety of the process, including the conditions which give rise to demixing, segregation, and formation of hot spots.
Chair:Dilhan Kalyon
CoChair:Bruce Cranford
8:30 AMTruly Flexible Manufacturing Technologies for the Processing of Energetic Formulations
James E. Kowalczyk, Dilhan Kalyon, Halil Gevgilili
8:50 AMContinuous Shear Roll Milling of Gun Propellants
Dilhan Kalyon, Halil Gevgilili
9:10 AMTwin Screw Extrusion of Aluminized Thermobaric Explosives
Michael Fair
9:30 AMSqueeze Flow Rheometry for Rheological Characterization of Energetic Formulations
Dilhan Kalyon, Hansong Tang, Halil Gevgilili, Cenker Demir, James E. Kowalczyk
9:50 AMProcessing of Nanoenergetics with a Fully-Functional Mini-Twin Screw Extruder
Seher Ozkan, Dilhan Kalyon, James E. Kowalczyk, Halil Gevgilili, Mark Mezger, Cenker Demir
10:10 AMReal Time Ir Used in Tagzt Synthesis
Christopher M. Radack
10:30 AMAdjustable Gap Rheometry for the Rheological Characterization of Energetic Formulations
Dilhan Kalyon, Halil Gevgilili, James E. Kowalczyk, Suzanne Prickett, Constance Murphy

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