Thursday, November 16, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Union Square 14 (Hilton San Francisco)
#569 - Transport in Fluidized Systems (03B03)
Heat and mass transfer is a critical element governing the performance of fluidized bed reactors and, has continued to be an active research topic. This session invites papers dealing with the topic in a broad sense, including but not limited to, fundamental or application studies on heat and mass transfer in gas-solid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid-solid fluidized beds. Both theoretical and experimental investigations involving either novel or conventional approach will be considered. A review paper on the topic will also be welcomed.
Chair:Kimberly H. Henthorn
CoChair:S. B. Reddy Karri
12:30 PMEntrainment into a Submerged Jet within a Fluidized Bed
Craig Hulet, Cedric Briens, Franco Berruti, Jennifer McMillan, Edward Chan
12:50 PMLower Order Modeling of Cold Mockup Spouted Bed for Nuclear Fuel Particle Coating as Well as Experimental Results for Spout Height Correlations
Jiandong Zhou, Duane D. Bruns, C. Stuart Daw, Sreekanth Pannala, Charles E. A. Finney
1:10 PMSolids Fraction Measurement with a Reflective Fiber Optic Probe
Steven M. Seachman, Paul C. Yue, James C. Ludlow, Lawrence J. Shadle
1:30 PMMass Transfer Coefficient for Drying of Moist Particulate in Bubbling Fluidised Bed
Yassir Makkawi, Jamie Duncan, Marc McAndrew, Raffaella Ocone
1:50 PMUnderstanding Streaming Flow in Deep Fluidized Beds
Ray A. Cocco, Allan Issangya, S.B. Reddy Karri, Ted M. Knowlton
2:10 PMRemoval of Residual Monomers and Solvents from Granular Polymers in Fluidized Beds; Experimental Methods of Measurement of Diffusivity and Solubility Parameters for Design and Troubleshooting
Manuk Colakyan, Glenn W. Baldwin
2:30 PMTudy Characteristics of Complicated Flow Field in Bubbling Fluidized Bed by Cfd
Liang Yu, Jing Lu, Xiangping Zhang, Suojiang Zhang

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