Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Powell (Hilton San Francisco)
#293 - Novel Adsorbent Materials and Structures II (02E16)
Traditional adsorbent materials are zeolite, activated carbon, activated alumina, and silica gel etc. made in bead and pellet structures and forms for fixed bed separation process. Proposal of oral presentations are invited on the topics devoted to, but are not limited to, the area of development of innovative adsorbent materials, structures and forms that lead to new process configuration, new separation applications and significant improvement of separation efficiency, etc.
Chair:Jeffrey R. Hufton
CoChair:Linda S. Cheng
3:15 PMMolecular Modeling of the Adsorption of Small Molecules in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Krista S. Walton, Houston Frost, David Dubbeldam, John J. Low, Randall Q. Snurr
3:37 PMThe Interaction of Water with Metal Organic Framework-5 Simulated by Molecular Dynamics Using a New Non-Bonded Forcefield
Jeffery A. Greathouse, Mark D. Allendorf
3:58 PMMercury Adsorption on Activated Carbon
Bihter Padak, Michael Brunetti, Jennifer Wilcox
4:19 PMAdsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of Nitroaromatic Dye Removal: Comparing Vegetation-Polymer Beads and Activated Carbon
Jennifer L. Meehan, Wudneh Admassu
4:40 PMMicrofibrous Supported Catalysts/Sorbents: Novel Heterogeneous Contacting Systems with Enhanced Reaction Rates
Ranjeeth R. Kalluri, Donald Cahela, Bruce J. Tatarchuk
5:01 PMCarbon Replica from Silica Template Using Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Simulations
Surendra K. Jain, Keith E. Gubbins, Roland J.-M. Pellenq
5:22 PMDesign of a Dual Purpose Air Filter for Semiconductor Clean Rooms
Ryan A. Sothen, Bruce J. Tatarchuk

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