Monday, November 13, 2006: 8:30 AM-11:00 AM
Mason (Hilton San Francisco)
#22 - Extractive Separations (02C00)
Solvent extraction continues to be an important separation unit operation. The increasing needs to achieve higher recoveries and selectivities from feeds of lower product concentrations demand improvements in our understanding of extraction fundamentals, along with our consideration of new solvents, new processes, and new contacting and sensing/monitoring equipment. This session brings together persons from academe, industry, and government who do solvent extraction, and serves as forum to disseminate new knowledge in this field. Papers are welcome that deal with experimental and theoretical work.
Chair:Frank Seibert
CoChair:Timothy C. Frank
8:30 AMNovel Solvents for Extractive Separations
Charles A. Eckert, Charles Liotta, Pamela Pollet, Jie Lu, Laura C. Draucker, Ejae John, Megan Donalson, Reagan Charney, Philip G. Jessop
8:55 AMExtractive Catalyst Recovery in an Ionic Liquid Process for 2,5-Dihydrofuran
Jeffrey S. Kanel, Stephen N. Falling, Gerald W. Phillips, John R. Monnier, Stephen A. Godleski
9:20 AMDesign Practice for Packed Liquid Liquid Extraction Columns
Johannes N. Rauber
9:45 AMCentrifugal Extractors/Separators - Scaling up from Lab Scale to Full Production Size Units
Mitch M. St. George, Mathias Vornefeld, Steve Drewery, Ton Wolterinck
10:10 AMHigh Performance Tray Technology Enhances Extraction
Waldo E. de Villiers, Jose Bravo, Glenn Shiveler
10:35 AMNovel Solvent-Resistant Hydrophilic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Membrane Solvent Back Extraction
Praveen B. Kosaraju, Kamalesh K. Sirkar

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