Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Mason (Hilton San Francisco)
#264 - Advances in Distillation Equipment & Applications (02A00)
This session will address current research and application of new tray and packing technologies.
Chair:Waldo E. De Villiers
CoChair:Izak Nieuwoudt
3:15 PMEffect of Pressure on Packed Column Distillation Efficiency
Frank Seibert, James R. Fair
3:36 PMRectifier Design for Ethanol Plants
Daniel R. Summers
3:57 PMHomogenous Azeotropic Pressure Swing Distillation a Discussion of the Inverted and the Regular Batch-Process
Jens-Uwe Repke, Andreas Klein, David Bogle, Guenter Wozny
4:18 PMContinuous Three Phase Distillation: a Process for Separating Thermally Instable Substances
Markus Ottenbacher, Hans Hasse
4:39 PMDesign Considerations for High Liquid Rate Tray Applications
Mark W. Pilling
5:00 PMAn Analysis of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics to Ddv Tray and the Determination of Its Performances
ZhiBing Zhang, Y.C. Liang, W.M. Meng, Z. Zhou
5:21 PMMicrochannel Distillation of Jp-8 Jet Fuel for Sulfur Content Reduction
Feng Zheng, Victoria S. Stenkamp, Ward E. TeGrotenhuis, Xiwen Huang, David L. King

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