Friday, November 17, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 1 (Hilton San Francisco)
#662 - Design, Analysis and Operations under Uncertainty II (10A10)
Complex processes in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and finance, often exhibit uncertainties, or fluctuations, or noises, in their structures as a rule rather than as an exception. To interpret, analyze, model and simulate these uncertainties, algorithms have developed to yield not only the structure or pattern of these processes, but also the statistical characteristics of the evolutions of underlined uncertainties that the conventional deterministic models can not offer. These algorithms have significantly optimized process design and operations. Recent development seems to suggest the needs for efficient solution of large-scale problems and the applicability of the proposed methodologies in realistic case studies. Papers are sought that describe: (i) modeling, algorithmic development and solution procedures for the design and operation under uncertainty, (ii) characterization of system behavior under uncertainty, (iii) evaluation of feasible region of design operation for realistic nonconvex cases, (iv) integration of uncertainty analysis within process design and operations in a unified framework, and (v) reconciliations of the stochastic algorithms developed by engineers with those by chemical physicists.
Chair:Randy Esposito
CoChair:Gavin P. Towler
12:30 PMA Methodology to Integrate Process Design and Process Control for Chemical Processes
Luis A. Ricardez Sandoval, Hector M. Budman, Peter L. Douglas
12:30 PMA Multistage Stochastic Minlp Model for Exploration and Planning of Petroleum Fields under Uncertainty
Bora Tarhan, Ignacio E. Grossmann
12:30 PMMultiperiod Planning of Refinery Operations under Market Uncertainty
Sourabh Gupta, Nan Zhang
12:30 PMIdentification of Hybrid Systems with Application to Fault Detection of a Reverse-Flow Reactor System
Amos Ben-Zvi, Venkat Raghavan, Sirish L. Shah
12:30 PMPerforming Integrated Process and Control Design Using a Modified Polynomial Chaos Expansion (Mpce) in Optimisation under Uncertainty (Ouu)
C. Esther Van Cauwenberghe, J. Alberto Bandoni
12:30 PMRobust Scheduling of Crude Oil Operations under Demand and Ship Arrival Uncertainty
J. Li, I. A. Karimi, Rajagopalan Srinivasan
12:30 PMIntegrated Design and Control of Polymerization Reactor under Uncertainty
Andres Malcolm, Libin Zhang, Andreas A. Linninger

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