Tuesday, November 14, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#302 - Poster Session: Recent Developments in Systems and Process Control (10B06)
Poster Session
Chair:Kenneth R. Muske
CoChair:Robert E. Young
Control System Design for External Insulin Injection: a Bmi Optimization Approach
Cheng-Liang Chen, Hong-Wen Tsai
Optimal Identification in Systems Biology. Applications in Cell Signaling
E. Balsa-Canto, M. Rodriguez-Fernadez, Antonio A. Alonso, Julio R. Banga
Optimizing DNA Plasmid Productivity from E. Coli Fermentation
Mahitha Balguri, William J. Kelly, Kenneth R. Muske
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Oxygen Enriched Coal Fired Boilers
Donald J. Chmielewski, Janet Ruettiger, Victor M. Saucedo
A Novel Method of Modeling Simple Thermodynamic System: a Case Study of a Tank Model
Zhengjie Zhu, Tore.H Warberg, Heinz A. Preisig
Modeling of a Three-Phase Industrial Batch Reactor Using a Hybrid First-Principles Neural-Network Model
Levente L. Simon, Ulrich Fischer, Konrad Hungerbuehler
Enhancing Fault Diagnosis by Incorporation of Intelligent Filtering Knowledge
Ignacio Yélamos, Moisès Graells, Luis Puigjaner
Integration of Data Rectification and Incipient Process Fault Diagnosis
Jinsong Zhao, Bing-Zhen Chen, Tong Qiu, Xiaorong He
Design and Control of Isopropyl Alcohol Dehydration Via Homogeneous Azeotropic Distillation Using Dimethyl Sulfoxide as Extractive Agent
Saiful Arifin, I-Lung Chien
Automatic Verification of Control Logics in Safety Instrumented System for Chemical Industrial Processes
Jinkyung Kim, Younghee Lee, Il Moon
Multidimensional Modeling of Reactive Drying of Polymeric Films: an Integrated Process and Product Approach
Jia Li, Yinlun Huang, Helen H. Lou
Disturbance Modeling Via Hidden Markov Techniques - an Extension
Wee Chin Wong, Jay H. Lee
A Novel Internal Cascade Structure for Control of Non-Self Regulating (Integrating) Processes
Jeffrey Arbogast, Robert Rice, Douglas Cooper
Diagnosing Process Events Using Pattern Based Analysis of Control Data Metrics
Rachelle Jyringi, Douglas Cooper
Continuous-Time Prediction-Error Identification for Mpc
John Bagterp Jorgensen
Mpca for Monitoring Emulsion Polymerization Process: Alternative Strategies for Decomposing Three-Way Data Matrices
Carlos R. Alvarez, Adriana Brandolin, Mabel C. Sanchez
Independent Component Analysis for on-Line Monitoring of an Emulsion Polymerization Reactor
Carlos R. Alvarez, Adriana Brandolin, Mabel C. Sanchez
Verification of Fault Trees for Safety Integrity Level Evaluation in Hydrogen Processes
Younghee Lee, Jinkyung Kim, Il Moon
Integrals of Relay Feedback Responses for Extracting Process Information
Jietae Lee, Su Whan Sung
Plant-Wide Control of Hda Process for Improved Profitability
Sanjay K. Jha, Nitin Kaistha
Fuzzy Steady State Decomposition Based Multi Model Control of Nonlinear Processes Applied to pH Control
Srinivas Karra, Ryan S. Senger, M. Nazmul Karim
Optimal Experiment Design in Systems Biology
Raghunandan M. Kainkaryam, Peter J. Woolf
Stchastic Modelingof Genetic Toggle Switch and Noise-Induced Transitions
Wei-Yin Chen, Asad Mohammed, Michael C. Mossing

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