Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 1 (Hilton San Francisco)
#401 - Novel Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics (10D08)
The availability of faster computers, user friendly software, internet, and the increasing need to explore flows in nano- and micro-scales, bioenvironments, complicated geometries, and multiple time and space scales has required the development of novel algorithms and methods in Fluid Mechanics. We solicit academic and industrial contributions that highlight this development in areas including (but not limited to) biofluid mechanics, multiscale flows, multiphase flows, microfluidics, etc. using new algorithms, models, simulation concepts, or high performance computing, Grid infrastructures, etc.
Chair:Dimitrios V. Papavassiliou
CoChair:Matteo Pasquali
12:30 PMPseudospectral Simulation of Homogeneous Turbulent Shear Flow without Remeshing
Juan C. Isaza, Kyle A. Brucker, T. Vaithianathan, Lance R. Collins
12:45 PMNumerical Simulation of Scalar Transport in Flows over Complex Surfaces
Carsten Wagner, Simon Kuhn, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr
1:00 PMAssessing the State-of-the-Art in Preconditioned Iterative Solvers for Strongly Convected, Three-Dimensional, Incompressible Flows
Andrew Yeckel, Jeffrey J. Derby
1:15 PMInterfacial Dynamics in Stokes Flow Via a Three-Dimensional Fully-Implicit Interfacial Spectral Boundary Element Algorithm
Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos
1:30 PMAccurate Continuation of Multi-Dimensional Fem Calculations Involving Drop Breakup beyond the First Singularity
Ronald Suryo, Osman A. Basaran
1:45 PMNew Finite Element Formulations for Viscoelastic Fluid Flows
Oscar M. Coronado, Dhruv Arora, Marek Behr, Matteo Pasquali
2:00 PMGeneralized Brownian Configuration Fields for Fokker-Planck Equations Including Center-of-Mass Diffusion
Jay D. Schieber
2:15 PMAn Efficient Algorithm for Multiscale Flow Simulation of Dilute Polymeric Solutions Using Bead-Spring Chains
Anantha P. Koppol, Radhakrishna Sureshkumar, Bamin Khomami
2:30 PMEwald-like Method for 3d-Confined Systems: Electrostatics and Hydrodynamic Interactions
Juan Hernandez-Ortiz, Juan J. De Pablo, Michael D. Graham
2:45 PMUsing Brownian Dynamics to Model Nanoparticle Aggregation under Shear
Sergiy Markutsya, Shankar Subramaniam, Rodney O. Fox, R. Dennis Vigil

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