Friday, November 17, 2006: 12:30 PM-3:00 PM
Continental 4 (Hilton San Francisco)
#656 - Applied Mathematics in Bioengineering II (10D07)
Applied Mathematics in Bioengineering
Chair:Nikos Mantzaris
CoChair:Sriram Neelamegham
12:30 PMIncorporating Cell Cycle Progression and Drug Penetration into Metabolic Models of Multicellular Tumor Spheriod Growth
Raja Venkatasubramanian, Michael A. Henson, Neil S. Forbes
12:48 PMGrey-Box Stochastic Modelling of a an Enzymatic Reactions Network for Biotransformation
Florin Paul Davidescu, Henrik Madsen, Sten Bay Jørgensen
1:06 PMCfd Modelling of Blood Flow in Artery Stenosis
Navraj S. Hanspal, Keigi Fujiwara, Michael R. King
1:24 PMUtilization of Model Discrimination Analysis in the Description of Bacteriophage Ms2 Viral Dynamics
Rishi Jain, Andrea L. Knorr, Joseph Bernacki, Ranjan Srivastava
1:42 PMA Computational Approach to Identify Optimal Interventions to Bacterial Metabolism
Francisco G. Vital-Lopez, Costas D. Maranas, Antonios Armaou
2:00 PMModel Prediction of Oral Bioavailability of Saltform Drug Administered with Cyclodextrins: Comparison with in Vitro and in Vivo Experiments
Ece D. Gamsiz, Lee A. Miller, Avinash G. Thombre, Rebecca L. Carrier
2:18 PMOptimal Treatment of HIV Primary Infection Via a Stochastic Formulation
Samira Khalili, Antonios Armaou
2:36 PMNetwork Biology: from Mechanism-Based Drug Design to Patient Stratification
Birgit M. Schoeberl, Viara Grantcharova, Brian Harms, Ulrik Nielsen

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