Friday, November 17, 2006: 3:15 PM-5:45 PM
Franciscan C (Hilton San Francisco)
#690 - Fundamentals of Oxide Catalysis (20003)
Papers describing advances in the area of oxide catalysis are sought.
Chair:Joseph H. Holles
CoChair:Chelsey D. Baertsch
3:15 PMCationic Gold Supported on Nanocrystalline La2o3: Catalysts for Co Oxidation
Yalin Hao, Bruce C. Gates
3:34 PMEvidence for Entropy Effects in the Reduction of Ceria-Zirconia Solutions
Parag R. Shah, Taeyoon Kim, Gong Zhou, Paolo Fornasiero, Raymond J. Gorte
3:53 PMDehydrogenation of N-Butane over Vanadia Catalysts Supported on Theta-Alumina: Effect of Doping with K, Mg or Ce
S. David Jackson, Sreekala Rugmini
4:12 PMBulk Mixed Mo-V-Te-(Nb) Oxides for Propane and Propylene Ammoxidation to Acrylonitrile
Pavel A. Korovchenko, Vadim V. Guliants
4:31 PMElucidation of Structure-Reactivity Relationships in Supported Mixed Metal Oxide Nanostructures of Mo O3 and W O3
Hari Nair, Joseph E. Gatt, Michael J. Liszka, Chelsey D. Baertsch
4:50 PMAn Investigation of the Mechanism for Methanol Oxidation to Formaldehyde on V-MCM-48
Jason L. Bronkema, Alexis T. Bell
5:09 PMHeterogeneous Synthesis of Flavanone on Lithium-Promoted Mgo
José A. Cortés-Concepción, Michael D. Amiridis
5:27 PMEffects of Composition on the Reactivity of Protons in Polyoxometalate Clusters
Josef Macht, Cindy Yin, Enrique Iglesia

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