Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton San Francisco)
#476 - Poster Session: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division Poster Session (20002)
This session showcases a diverse range of research in catalysis and reaction engineering. Students participating in the poster session are eligible for awards given by the Division for outstanding research and presentation.
Chair:Helen H. Lou
Cochairs:Jack R. Hopper
Ralph W. Pike
Pd-Leaching and Pd-Removal in Pd-Catalyzed Suzuki Couplings
Jeng-Shiou Chen, Oleksiy Vassylyev, Anthony Panarello, Johannes Khinast
The Influence of Physical Interactions on Chemical Reactions in Confinement
Erik E. Santiso, Keith E. Gubbins, Aaron M. George, Marco Buongiorno-Nardelli
A Silicon Microreactor for in-Situ Spectroscopic Analysis of Working Nsr Catalysts
Chung Kwang Tan, Chelsey D. Baertsch
A Theoretical Investigation of Co Adsorption on Pt3sn Alloy
Aslihan Sümer, Mine A. Gülmen, A.Erhan Aksoylu
Optimizing Pd Catalyzed Reactions for Pharmaceutical Production
Jason Mustakis
Modeling and Simulation of a Pyrolysis Reactor for Slurry Feed
Luiz Fernando Gallo, Arilza de Castilho Pickler, Christine Althoff, Carlos Eduardo Fontes, Jaime Neiva Miranda, Alexarder Clausbruch, Alessandro Alle
Molybdenum Carbide-Based Catalysts for Gasoline Steam Reforming
Oscar G. Marin Flores
Engineering Advances in Combinatorial Chemistry Relevant to Heterogeneous Catalysis
Mark A. Krawczyk, Jesper Bennetsen, Arne Karlsson, Ivar M. Dahl, Thor Mejdall
Oxidation of Cyclohexane with Molecular Oxygen Using Macrocyclic Homonuclear Cu Complex Catalyst
A. Kumar, K. S. Anisia
Kinetic Study of Biodiesel Production from Chinese Tallow Tree Oil
Scott D. Crymble, Rafael Hernandez, Todd French, Mark E. Zappi, Brian S. Baldwin, Donald Thomas
Preparation and Testing of Ab2o4 Spinels (a=Co, Cu, Mn; B=Fe, Cr) for Methane Combustion in Lean Mixtures
Salvador Ordóñez, Elisa F. Paz, Arcadio Fernández, Fernando V. Díez
Cfd Simulations of Flow and Heat Transfer in Steam Reforming in a Fixed Bed of Cylinders
M. Ertan Taskin, Anthony G. Dixon, Hugh Stitt
Prediction for the Secondary Reaction of Fcc Gasoline by Fnn-Ga Method
Bolun Yang Sr., Chun Chen, Haomiao Ye, Jun Yuan
Liquid and Gas Phase Laboratory Testing of 1-Butene Rich Fischer-Tropsch Feed over Solid Phosphoric Acid on Kieselguhr
Johann David Rademan
Propane Ammoxidation to Acrylonitrile over Vanadia-Based Xerogel/Aerogel Catalysts
Dong Jin Suh, Jinsoon Choi, Chee Burm Shin
Nanostructured Iron-Titanium Oxide Aerogel Photocatalysts for Energy Conversion
Chien-Tsung Wang
Catalytic down-Hole Upgrading of Heavy Oil
Behdad Moini, Apostolos Kantzas, Pedro Pereira, Steve Larter
Trimerization of Isobutene over Cation Exchange Resins: Effect of Physical Properties of the Resins and Reaction Conditions
Ji Woong Yoon, Ji-Hye Lee, Jong-San Chang, Hee Du Lee, Dae Hyun Choo, Tae-Jin Kim, Seung Jun Lee, Sung Hwa Jhung
Catalytic Pathways Identification for Partial Oxidation of Methanol on Copper-Zinc Catalysts
Yu-Chuan Lin, L. T. Fan, Shahram R. Shafie, Keith L. Hohn, Botond Bertok, Ferenc Friedler
Aging of Iron Molybdate Oxide Catalysts during Partial Oxidation of Methanol to Formaldehyde
Inga Walzel, Marcel A. Liauw, M. Estenfelder
Optimization of Invertase Production in a Fed Batch Bioreactor by Neuron-Dynamic Programming
Jaume Giralt, Gabriela Espinosa, Alexandre Restrepo, Francesc Giralt
Kinetic Modeling of Hydrogen Production Via Steam Reforming of Methanol
Sanjay Patel, K. K. Pant
Ni3al Intermetallics Catalyst for Hydrogen Production from Methanol
Ya Xu, Satoshi Kameoka, Masahiko Demura, An-pang Tsai, Toshiyuki Hirano
Thermogravimetric Analysis of Molten Salts' Kinetics
Ali Z. Fadhel, John Cameron, Hussam Al Khasawneh, Zaki Yusuf
Fe-Cu Catalysts for Sulfuric Acid Decomposition in Si Cycle to Thermochemically Produce Hydrogen
Hoggon Kim, Dong-Kun Jeon, Kwan-Young Lee, Gyeong-Taek Gong, Kye Sang Yoo, Byung Gwon Lee, Byoung Sung Ahn, Kwang-Deog Jung
Selective Positional Isomerization of Butene-2 over Mesoporous Silicates
Jong-Ki Jeon, Heejin Lee, Jin-Heong Yim, Young-Kwon Park, Yong Seung Kim, Seong Jun Lee
Community-Extensible Software and Database for Predicting Combustion Kinetics
William H. Green Jr.
Understanding the Aqueous Phase Oxidation of Hydroxylamine by Nitric and Nitrous Acids Using Computational Chemistry
Robert W. Ashcraft, Sumathy Raman, William H. Green
Catalytic Performance of Aluminum Incorporated MCM-41 for Synthesis of Diphenylmethane Derivatives from Formaldehyde and Phenol, 2,6-Dimethylphenol, or Aniline
Tsuyoshi Kugita, Suman K. Jana, Daisuke Agari, Shigekazu Hirose, Seitaro Namba
Effects of Ionic Liquid in the Catalyst Preparation of Mgo-Ceo2 Mixed Oxide for Dimethyl Carbonate Synthesis Via Transesterification
Kye Sang Yoo, Haznan Abimanyu, Byoung Sung Ahn, Hoggon Kim
Photocatalytic Cu Deposition over Self-Assembled Titania Nanoclusters
Chien-Tsung Wang, Hsin-Hsien Huang
First Principles Based Promoter Design for Heterogeneous Catalysis
Jing Xu, Kong Fei Tan, Armando Borgna, Mark Saeys
Optimal Inlet Temperature Profile Strategies for Decaying Fixed Bed Reactor
Kamleshkumar Ghodasara, Robin Smith
Experimental Investigation of High Temperature Reaction Kinetics of Hydrogen and Air in Turbulent, Supersonic, Combusting Flows
Nigil Satish Jeyashekar, John M. Seiner
Modeling of Droplet-Particle Interaction in the Inlet Zone of a Fcc Riser
Vikram Singh, Shantanu Roy
Hydroconversion of 2-Methylnaphthalene on Pt/Mordenite Catalysts. Effect of the Acid/Metal Balance of the Catalyst over the Main Reaction Pathways
Horacio González, M. Guillermo Villaseñor, Omar S. Castillo, J.Luis Rico, Salomón R. Vásquez, Rafael Maya
Numerical Studies on Liquid Drop Spreading and Dynamics on Porous Solids
Siddhartha F. Lunkad, R. N. Maiti, Rajesh Khanna, K.D.P. Nigam
Mass Transport Effects in Biphasic Ionic Liquid/C O2 Systems for Hydrogenation and Hydroformylation
Azita Ahosseini, Wei Ren, Aaron M. Scurto
Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide in Diesel Exhaust
Jianming Liu, Ates Akyurtlu, Jale F. Akyurtlu
Oxide-Specific Oxidation States of Oxide-Supported Au Nanoparticles
Siris Laursen, Suljo Linic
Promoting the Preferential Oxidation of Co by Altering the Reducibility of Pt
Sichem Guerrero, Eduardo E. Wolf
Promoted Cu/Zn Catalysts for the Partial Oxidation of Methanol to Produce Hydrogen
Stephen J. Schuyten, Eduardo E. Wolf
Propylene Oxidation under Temperature Cycling Operation
Ken-Ichiro Sotowa, Shigeru Sugiyama, Nobumasa Shiraishi, Yuusaku Iguchi
Hydrodynamic, Mass Transfer Parameters and Modelling of Slurry Bubble Column and Ebulating Bed Reactors Operating under Fischer-Tropsch Conditions
Laurent Sehabiague, Mariela Sanoja, Yannick J. Heintz, Romain O. Lemoine, Arsam Behkish, Rachid Oukaci, Badie I. Morsi
Physical Solvents for Selective Co2 Capture at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures
Yannick J. Heintz, Laurent Sehabiague, Badie I. Morsi, Kenneth L. Jones, Henry W. Pennline
Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide over Zeolite Catalysts
Takashi Tatsumi, Mikio Hayashi
Non-Catalytic Biodiesel Production from Soybean Oil Using Supercritical Methanol
Ashley D'Ann Koh, Taiying Zhang , Carter Johnson, Gary A. Aurand
Microfibrous Supported Catalysts/Sorbents: High Contacting Efficiency Heterogeneous Contacting Systems
Ranjeeth R. Kalluri, Bruce J. Tatarchuk
Catalytic Cracking and Aromatization of C4-C5 Hydrocarbons over Zsm-5 Zeolite: Activity and Regeneration
Prancharee Teerathanakit, Siriporn Jongpatiwut, Boonyarach Kitiyanan, Nakarin Mongkolsiri
Mathematical Modeling of Coke Purification in a Moving Bed Reactor
Andrei V. Kolesnikov
Formation of Liquid Element Sulfur and Gaseous Carbonyl Sulfide by Reacting Hydrogen Sulfide in Coal Gases with Sulfur Dioxide
Kyung C. Kwon, Laneddye Carter, Claudell Burnell, Tikia Allen, Tara Johnson, Robie Lewis
Conversion of Mixed Sugars into Ethanol by Recombinant Corynebacterium Glutamicum
Masayuki Inui, Hideo Kawaguchi, Shohei Okino, Masako Suda, Miho Sasaki, Alain A. Vertès, Hideaki Yukawa
The Photocatalytic Effects of Tio2 Impregnated with Transition Metals for Removal of Organic Compounds in Liquid Phase
Won-Mook Lee, Chul Woo Lee, Kwang Joo Kim
Modeling of Condensed Phase Combustion-Decomposition Reaction with Gas Generation
Haorong Wang, Vladimir Hlavacek, Marian Simo
Wittig Reaction of Synthesizing Liquid Crystal Intermediate by Novel Phase-Transfer Catalysis
Maw Ling Wang, Shan-Je Lin
Deactivation Mechanisms of Platinum/Titania Catalysts for Sulfuric Acid Decomposition in Sulfur-Iodine Thermochemical Water-Splitting Cycles
Lucia M. Petkovic, Harry W. Rollins, Patrick J. Pinhero, Kyle C. Burch, Daniel M. Ginosar, Helen H. Farrell
Investigation on the Platinum-Loaded Nay Zeolite Catalysts for Liquid Phase Reforming of Carbohydrates to Hydrogenn
Justin Monroe, Zhong Tang, Xuehong Gu, Junhang Dong, Donald Weinkauf, Tina M. Nenoff
Effect of Ceria on Cu-Zn-Alumina Catalyst for Oxidative Steam Reforming of Methanol
K. K. Pant, Sanjay Patel
Catalytic Properties of Ni3Al Powder for Hydrogen Generation by Methane Steam Reforming
Yan Ma, Ya Xu, Masahiko Demura, Dong Hyun Chun, Toshiyuki Hirano
Release Behavior of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals during Biomass Steam Gasification
Osamu Hirohata, Atsushi Tsutsumi, Tomonori Wakabayashi, Kazuhiko Tasaka
Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane over K, Ce and Mn Promoted Ni/Al2o3 Catalysts: Catalyst Characterization and Activity
K. K. Pant, Nandini A, Dhingra S. C.
Thermodynamic Analysis for the Absorption-Enhanced-Water-Gas-Shift Reaction (Aewgs) for the Production of Hydrogen
Miguel Escobedo Bretado, Virginia Collins-Martínez, Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz
Steam Reforming of Methanol Using Supported Mo2c Catalysts
Sean S.-Y. Lin, Su Ha, William J. Thomson
Preparation of Mesoporous Clay Complex by Ticl4 Treated with Nh4oh for Selective Catalytic Reduction
Hee Je Seong, Joon Ho Ko, Hee Sung Yang
Monodispersed Pd-Nanoparticles for Selective Hydrogenation
Lioubov Kiwi-Minsker, Natalia Semagina, Albert Renken
Recovery of Nickel from Spent Catalyst Using Edta as a Chelating Agent
Beena Singh, Rakesh Shrivastva, K. K. Pant, V. V. Krishnan, K.D.P. Nigam

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